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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Real Lady's Man...oye!

Yesterday, in the playroom, I smelled something perfumy or cologny wafting through the air. It wasn't my perfume, but it did smell familiar. Jeff doesn't wear cologne, so it obviously wasn't his.

Brendon was getting ready for Karate and asked me to tie his sneakers for him. The scent became so strong, so I asked him, "do you smell something?"

"I'm wearing after shave", he replied with something short of a half smile. The look on his face didn't tell me he got into something he shouldn't, it told me that he was pleased that mom noticed.

"After shave? Where did you get it from? Dad doesn't wear after shave."

"Oh, uh, it was a sample."

"A sample? From where?"

"From a magazine. Do I smell good?" Again, that half smile was making it's way to his lips. I couldn't bear to tell him that he smelled like a "greasy variety beau hunk", a term I stole from "16 Candles".

"You smell great, but I think it'll be a little too strong for daddy. It'll make him sneeze."

"I thought he was only allergic to cats." This is a little white lie to keep them at bay about buying a cat.

"Well, he's allergic to a lot of things. Let's wipe some of that off. Where did you put it on?"

"Here...and Oh, and here too", he says pointing to his cheeks, nose, forehead, and neck.

I break out a baby wipe and remove the excess. Afterward, he smelled halfway decent.

"So what made you decide to put on aftershave?"

"The ladies like men who smell good."

"Oh yeah? Who told you that?"

"Well, C wore aftershave to school and Mrs. P said 'Ooh, you smell good, I'm going to have to give you a kiss'". (Mrs. P is so great with the kids making them feel special, so whatever compliment she gives them makes them walk on cloud 9).


"Do you think the ladies will think I smell good?"

"Yeah, but try to keep the application light next time."

The kid is 6 years old and I have how much longer to deal with this? Lord help me when he starts puberty.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm a Little Late....

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

I typically listen to songs that have singability. But, these are singable songs that I've listened to for years (and am currently listening to), and have yet to be sick of.

Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen. Thunder Road and Born To Run are two songs that remind me not to get stuck in a rut. If I do, I just listen to these two to get a little inspiration.

Born To Run-Bruce Springsteen. See Thunder Road.

Jersey Girl-Bruce Springsteen. I'm a Jersey Girl, born and raised. Need I say more? Actually it reminds of the summer nights before and after my Senior year in high school when my friends would call me and tell me to get ready to "go down the shore". Depending on our mood, we'd hit either the Seaside Heights boardwalk if we wanted to flirt with the guys, or the Point Pleasant boardwalk if we just wanted some fun girl time (because this is the place where guys would bring their girlfriends thereby rendering the guys un-pick-up-able).

I've Been Loving You Too Long-Otis Redding. I just like this song...and I like singing it too.

Me and Bobby McGee-Janis Joplin. This is a very singable song. If I ever take a road trip for any reason in my lifetime, this is a song I'd like to drive with.

C'Mon C'mon-Von Bondies. Blow off steam, work your little heart out doing cardio, clean the house in a frenzied panic when your neighbor announces she's stopping by in 5 minutes, dance like a crazy Breakfast Club kid. For whatever reason you listen to this song, you can't help but get pumped and crazy.

Black-Pearl Jam. Although I've gotten the lyrics in the first stanza wrong for years (making the song very sexy), I still find it to be a sexy song (even though the lyrics in the first stanza aren't as sexy as I thought). And I love to sing it.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

100 Days

In case you haven't noticed (I know Johnboy has) I started another blog called 100 Days which is about, you guessed it, my attempt at 100 consecutive days of exercise and some minor obstacles that threaten to break my streak, like exhaustion, boredom, kids, etc.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Workin' Out a Work Out and Workin' Some More

OK, after writing that title, "work" sounds weird to me.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Jeff jetted off to his brother's house for the weekend for some guy time with another buddy of theirs. I got the kids to bed and by 9:00 last night was able to get a workout in. I was afraid I'd skip it because I was so bone tired, but I'm determined not to break my 100 consecutive days.

I finished after 9:30 which is about the time we typically check Brendon. He was a 312. I called Jeff, who is incidentally a human calculator, to see how much he thinks we should correct him. Doing a full correction at this time of night is out of the question and amount to correct is a nightly decision. He said to hold off until 10 pm to see if he's rising or dropping. In the background I heard the din of a bar crowd...lucky bastard. I don't even drink, but the fact that he's out with adults is enough.

10 rolls around and he's now a 323. I call in to Dr. Jeff and he says to give him a 50% correction. He's says that Bren should be fine and that I won't have to stay up to check him. I couldn't keep my eyes open anyway and probably would've slept through even if I wanted to check him. But, Brendon woke up at a 226 this morning.

Dammit, I should've checked him. If I'm that determined not to break 100 days when I'd like nothing more than to curl up on the couch, then I should be that determined to stay up a couple more hours and check him.

No more cutting corners.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

From One Extreme....

Brendon's numbers can make you feel like you're on top of the world one minute and then an abysmal failure the next. My opinion about Brendon's numbers is that anything between a 70 and 199 are great numbers for his age.

Yesterday for instance, he was a 137 for breakfast, a 98 for lunch, a 96 at 2:30 for snack, and then a 464 at dinner. WTF!! He didn't eat anything that would kick it up that high, no bubbles in his line. His body just felt like being high is the only explanation I can come up with. Correction was done at dinner and at 9 pm he was a 61. Slipped him some juice and then he's a 137 by 10 pm. Better, but not safe enough for overnight, so we cut back his basal by 50% for 3 hours. At 1:15 am, he's a 142 which is fine because he's at a low enough basal where we couldn't cut back a substantial amount and he has a history of holding level at those hours until he wakes.

Today was the kicker. Breakfast is a 174. A few hours after, and well before lunch, he comes to me whining and whimpering that he's hungry. That whining and whimpering alerts me to suspect a low, so I test him and he's a 41. Where the hell did that come from? He didn't have anything unusually low in carbs for breakfast, I dosed him correctly, WTF?! So I gave him lunch along with a couple of glucose tabs. I did't check him again until snacktime at school because he ate everything but the kitchen sink, so I was confident that he'd hold at a decent number until I came to the school to test him before snack. He's a 96 at snack. OK fine. Then dinner arrives and he's a 101. Niiiice. We ordered Chinese takeout for dinner, but didn't feel like dealing with lo mein (it acts just like pizza for Brendon and I KNOW you all know what pizza does to blood sugars), so we ordered steamed chicken and broccoli with white rice for the kids thinking it was a safe meal. Then Jeff checks him at 9 pm and he's a 368. WTF again!! I assumed he checked for bubbles, but I guess he didn't because he would've discovered the inch long monster snaking its way through the line. At 11 pm, I checked Brendon and he's a 409. That's a result of that monster making its way through the line and stopping up the insulin. I did a 50% correction, so we'll see how he does come morning.

Now I'm wired and am not sure when I'll finally fall asleep.

Note to Johnboy: I worked in a 30 minute workout in addition to watching American Idol.

Back To School

It seems that the fulltime nurse at Brendon's school will be out for the rest of the week. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow will be up to me to come to the school to dose Brendon for his snack. There is a sub filling in, but she's either too timid to work Bren's pump, or maybe there's something legal involved in why she can't do it because she isn't board certified yet.

The dosing entails me going to Bren's classroom each day to find out the exact time his snack will be (it's at different times each day depending on what activities they have) and then I have to go back at that time to dose him.

Plus tomorrow, I'll have to go to the school to test Brendon before his gym class and then afterward as well. I can't wait until school break next week.

Maybe I shouldn't complain because I'm completely spoiled by the incredible fulltime nurse they have at the school. I know a lot of other parents who have D kids who go to schools where there either isn't a nurse at all, or one who gives them a hassle about the D care.

I must count my blessings.

Day 2-Tuesday

Yesterday wasn't as I had hoped, workout wise. The day was mucked up, so there was no real opportunity to workout during the day. Mornings are lousy because the kids wake up early, then I fix them and myself breakfast. Then they get dressed. By that time it's almost time to fix lunch before Jessica and Brendon have to leave for school and be there by 12:00.

There is a window of opportunity to workout from 1pm and 2:15 before I have to pick up Jessica. But that was taken up by the fact that the substitute nurse at Brendon's school didn't want to dose him because she's taking her boards next week, so I had to be there for his snack time to dose him. Then I had to be back at the house to wait for a guy to come and clean our heater. Couldn't really workout while he was here because there were a few times that he wanted me to come down and see the different parts he wanted to replace for hundreds of which I said no.

I was able to fit in a few weight lifting exercises for my calves and abs, but they were few and hardly near what I needed to complete.

Last night I was able to get in my 30 minutes of cardio while watching American Idol.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day 1 of My Workout Streak-Monday

Wow, one whole day, can you beleive it?!! Hopefully I can keep this up! LOL.

Yesterday was the official start of my workout streak. I mapped out my weight lifting routine and figured I'd do my cardio during the day so that I'd have time at night to devote to the weights.

So early in the day, while Jeff was at the gym, I popped in a video hoping that the kids would cooperate and let me workout without interruption. It started off great. Jessica and Jacob were playing in the play room and Brendon was working out with me, following all of the moves. Typically he throws toys at my feet to trip me up, but I think he's maturing a little since he turned six (eye roll).

When my heart rate was just getting to that fat burning stage, I hear a thump and then some some screaming coming from the playroom. Apparently, Jacob climbed onto the TV hutch and fell off into a pile of toys on the floor. He was fine, but he had a poopy diaper, so between that and putting a bandaid on his pretend boo boo and then the kids wanting a snack, the workout flew out the window.

So, I left my cardio for after dinner. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical in the privacy of my basement. I kept the resistance at 4, the speed at 62 RPM (2 minute warmup, 5 minute cool down). Then Jeff had to take Brendon to Karate, so I had to save my weights for after Jacob went to bed. By 9:30 pm I had completed a weight lifting routine that worked my chest, shoulders, and triceps in one group and the next group included back, and biceps (16 in all).

I alternated between 5 and 8 lbs. depending on the body part, but all of the sets and reps were 3/8.

Today I feel good, but I have a feeling I'll start feeling sore tomorrow, so I'll pop a couple Advil today to ward off any impending soreness.

Today I'll attempt the video while Bren and Jess are at school and see how it goes. Otherwise it'll be the same routine on the elliptical. Weight routine includes a group of exercises that work the calves and abs and then another that works the butt and thighs.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Joining Johnboy's Streak

Based on Johnboy's 106 day streak of exercise (until that "unfortunate" accident), and his subsequent re-start, I've been inspired to start a streak of my own.

Although I've been exercising on a weekly basis for the past couple of months, I feel that exercising every day would get me to my goal of losing my pregnancy weight (from two years ago) a lot more quickly. Plus it would be a great example to set for my children, particularly Brendon. Being healthy had never been more crucial since Brendon was diagnosed three years ago.

We had always prepared healthy meals for our kids, but Jeff and I managed to eat not so healthy. Mostly it was not so healthy portions. I don't want Brendon, Jessica, and Jacob to grow up in a house where their parents don't practice what they preach, so, in addition to eating proper portions, Jeff and I had started to exercise on a regular basis after Christmas. Plus I didn't want our children to group up in a Couch Potato family, so another streak is to get the kids to exercise on a daily basis as well. For them it will be fun like dancing to videos or, if weather permits, playing outside.

Since Jeff started exercising, he has lost 47 pounds. His goal is to lose 22 more pounds. He joined a gym and does an hour on the elliptical 6 days a week, plus weight lifting 3 days a week. He counts calories and eats mainly chicken, fish, rice, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and Egg Beaters.

I started Weight Watchers in September, and I started exercising around the same time as Jeff. I work out at home on the elliptical. Although I do it on a weekly basis, I think it would serve me well to do it on a daily basis. I'll add weight training to the mix and maybe some exercise videos to break up the monotony. So far I've lost close to 20 pounds since September. But I feel I could do much better.

Today is Day 1.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Climbing Mt. Everest

Do you need a good dose of inspiration? Check out Ultimate Survival: Everest

Will Cross, who has Type 1 diabetes is part of the team of people chronicled by the Travel Channel show. He also has a website that follows him on his quest to climb major peaks and walk to the North and South Poles.

Here is another source of inspiration...Midge Cross. She is on an expedition to reach the peak of Mt. Everest as well. She is said to have diabetes (frustratingly enough, it isn't labeled as Type 1 or 2). I'm assuming Type 2 since she was diagnosed in her 50's.

On those days where I don't think I have the energy to complete everyday tasks, I'll think of them and hopefully will find a place to pull out the motivation I need.

Setting a Good Example

While I don't agree with the Atkins Diet, I think what Mrs. Atkins did was pretty damned cool and sets a great example, and hopefully a precedent for schools to rethink what they teach their kids and what they make them do in the name of money.

Kids Say No to Candy, Get Gift From Atkins

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - The widow of the man who ignited the low-carb craze said she will donate $16,000 to an elementary school where some students refused to sell candy as part of a fundraiser.

The North Side Elementary students said selling the chocolate bars and potato chips went against what they were taught in school about healthy eating. They were raising money for a field trip to Washington D.C.

Veronica Atkins said the donation will come from her foundation, which promotes her mission to combat Type II diabetes.

``I was so proud when the children said you're telling us not to go out and eat sugar and then you ask us to sell it,'' Atkins, 68, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in Tuesday's edition. ``I said no way am I going to let them down and not let them go on the field trip.''

The donation will allow 36 fifth-graders to make the trip, Principal Michaelle Valbrun-Pope said.

Atkins' late husband, Dr. Robert C. Atkins, promoted a diet rich in protein but low in carbohydrates.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What A Prep

Brendon decided to dress himself for school today. I'm not going to change a thing. I'm not even going to fix his clip-on tie. He likes those preppy clothes, fur shur.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Join Lee Now Nathan/Faustman Group

If anyone would like to join their Yahoo Group, or simply read up on the latest information concerning the trials, it's open to the public.

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Bad

As I was getting Brendon ready for school just now, he asked me what I gave him for a snack today. I told him a granola bar and a juice box. He informed me that the snack I gave him for school yesterday was too long.

Me: What do you mean? It took you too long to eat it?

Brendon: Yeah, and I had to miss outside play.

Me: Why did you have it yesterday? I thought outside play was on Fridays.

Brendon: It was too nice to stay in, so everyone went out but me.

I feel really bad for that. I gave him a snack sized bag of pretzels and peanut butter to dip them. I didn't realize that it would take a long time to eat. The reason he stayed in is because the school nurse waits for him to finish his snack before she doses him. So because of what I gave him, it took him too long to eat it. And you guessed it, he had to finish so that the nurse didn't have to figure out the carbs based on what he didn't finish.

It took a few minutes for this pleasant revelation to dawn on me though: He blamed me for him not being able to go outside, not his diabetes. He never once said that he wished he didn't have diabetes so that he wouldn't have to be dosed and not miss playing outside. Instead he blamed me for giving him a snack that took him too long to eat. How well adjusted is that!?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'd Never Survive A Cocktail Party

For me, holding up an intellectually stimulating conversation would be like climbing Mount Everest. As a stay-at-home-mom, the extent of my conversations consist of the following phrases:

"Jacob, NOOOOO"

"Jacob, please put that down!!!"

"Jacob, put the chair back!!!"

"Jacob, nooo that's medicine!!!"

"Ugh, for chrissakes Jacob, give me a fucking break" (said under my breath)

I need to take a class or do something interesting just in case I'm ever invited to a party while I'm still alive.

I'm having one of those days :(

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hope and A Great Example to Follow

I'm sure you read about them, but their story is worth repeating.

The article is about two brothers who have had Type 1 diabetes for 81 years and still going strong. Read about how they did it and continue to do it.

Brendon overheard me talking about the article. He later said he didn't want to eat sweets anymore. I asked him why. He said he wanted to live to be 90. I said that's great, but he won't be eating cake, cookies, ice cream, or candy anymore (not that he gets those often anyway). He asked me what he would get instead of cake on his birthday and I said he could have a bowl of oatmeal with a candle in it. He wasn't too keen on that idea, so he decided that he would have sweets only sometimes.

Don't worry my sweet Brendon. You'll live a long, happy, healthy life. Happy Birthday (Feb 4).

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Up and Running

My son Jacob deleted my blog, so now I have to start from scratch. Jacob is sitting on my lap right now, so I have to make this quick and get the hell off of here.

I'll be back to post more.