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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back To School

It seems that the fulltime nurse at Brendon's school will be out for the rest of the week. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow will be up to me to come to the school to dose Brendon for his snack. There is a sub filling in, but she's either too timid to work Bren's pump, or maybe there's something legal involved in why she can't do it because she isn't board certified yet.

The dosing entails me going to Bren's classroom each day to find out the exact time his snack will be (it's at different times each day depending on what activities they have) and then I have to go back at that time to dose him.

Plus tomorrow, I'll have to go to the school to test Brendon before his gym class and then afterward as well. I can't wait until school break next week.

Maybe I shouldn't complain because I'm completely spoiled by the incredible fulltime nurse they have at the school. I know a lot of other parents who have D kids who go to schools where there either isn't a nurse at all, or one who gives them a hassle about the D care.

I must count my blessings.


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