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Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Favorite Ride Is A Rollercoaster

Our family minivan is filthy. There is sand, salt, grime covering its green exterior. An entire winter (and now most of Spring) has gone by without a single trip to the car wash. I never bothered to take it in because as soon as I did, the cleanliness would've lasted just a few days.

With the warm weather finally having arrived, we are all in the throws of Spring cleaning. Jeff plans to do a bunch of yard clean up with the kids, I plan to clean up my act and get outside to exercise (do you honestly think I'd spend time cleaning the house).

Brendon came to me asking where he could find a bucket. Since the kids were planting some apple seeds outside a short time before that question was asked, I figured he needed it to do some more planting or digging or whatever. I told him to look in the basement.

Later, as I was reading a book to Jakey, Jessica yelled to me from the kitchen "Hey mom! Can you help put more water in this bucket?"

"Why do you need it filled?"

"Brendon is washing your van."

Hmm. The van is in the garage, so that ain't gonna happen.

"Brendon!", I yell down the stairs to the basement hoping the sound carries through to the garage.

"What!", he yells back.

"What are you doing down there?"


Nothing means something, so I go down stairs and see water flooding the garage floor.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

He meant well as misguided as his intentions were.

Somehow, while I was reading a bunch of books to Jakey, he managed to fill the bucket in the kitchen sink, haul it downstairs and proceeded to clean the the garage!

You know what? I love all the crazy, frantic, whacky, noisy, nerve wracking things my kids do.

They enrich my life with funny, interesting memories and remind me that a roller coaster is my all time favorite ride in the world.


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