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Saturday, January 13, 2007

What I Eat

I tend to do really well eating healthy meals. But the times in between each meal, I fall off the wagon and snack on things that seem innocent enough, but the calories add up. What I snack on is so random that I couldn't really say what it is I eat. It could be a few slices of American cheese, or leftovers from the previous night's dinner.

I've been playing around with different breakfast foods to see what will keep me fullest longest for the best calorie amount.

I've found the ideal breakfast that keeps me satisfied.


One serving oatmeal (1 Minute Cooked)
1 scoop protein powder (mixed into a French vanilla taste)
3 egg whites
1 serving fruit

Calorie +/- 355 (depending on kind of fruit you choose)

Right before a workout, I'll drink a Slim Fast shake as a quick source of energy and to keep my appetite at bay until I eat lunch which is typically around 2 p.m.


Slim Fast

Calories: 190

For lunch, I've been trying to find the same combination of foods to give me satisfaction until dinner, but because there is such a long gap between lunch and dinner, I have to have a snack....I have no choice.


A sandwich consisting of:
2 slices Weight Watchers rye bread toasted (it tastes awesome!)
3 slices of turkey or ham
1 side mustard
1 side mayo

A salad with either romaine, spinach, or both, julienned carrots, sprinkled with rice wine oil! But if you choose to use oil, a teaspoon of olive oil is more than enough to cut the acidity of the vinegar.


Calories +/- 280

My rule is to have a fruit as a snack, or even veggies.


Vegetables or fruit

Calories +/- 100 calories (fruit) or 50 calories (vegetable)

My dinners vary, but in general they consist of:

a lean protein (chicken, fish, lean cut of red meat, ground turkey, turkey sausage)
a non-starchy vegetable
and a starch (can be potato, bread, rice, pasta).

Calorie +/- 500

Total daily calorie intake +/- 1425


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