Mom Wants A Diabetes Cure

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Brains...13 carbs

Cow's leg...14 carbs

Raw Squid...14 carbs

Guts...12 carbs

Ostrich egg...12 carbs

Blood...40 carbs

Seeing Brendon enjoy a Fear Factor themed birthday party without a care in the world and has excellent numbers afterward...priceless.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday Night Live

Jeff and I had a "date night" on Saturday. He wanted me to surprise him. So I did.

I chose a place called The Chateau which is a steak house/martini bar/banquet hall/comedy club.

My intention was for us to go there, have dinner and then experience some good comedy along with a dirty martini.

Here's how the night went instead:

Babysitter was late because on the way home from a waterpark she and her family went to earlier in the day, they got a flat tire and had to wait for AAA to come and help them.

So, after pushing back the dinner reservations twice, I realize we were strapped for time in order to make the show, and I instructed Jeff to stop at Burger King for dinner where he ordered his meal and I ordered Chicken Fries washed down with a medium Coke.

We had plenty of time before the show started though, so we walked around Manchester where we passed by some hoodlums, a couple of biker dudes looking like they were ready to rumble, and a bum in a wheelchair.

I suggested we get some dessert while waiting for the start time of the show, so we walked over to Ben & Jerry's.

That turned out to be pretty good.

Afterward, we walked back to The Chateau while I finished up my ice cream cone on the way. At the corner of an intersection, with cars stopped at a red light, I tripped a wild trip, and instead of falling, I twisted my ankle, but held onto my cone dammit!! Humiliated and limping, we continued walking while Jeff was laughing his ass off.

We make it to the club section of the restaurant, entered the seedy little room and sat in the way back under a light which highlighted our presence, center stage.

First comedian was lousy....he was heckling the hecklers. "Please don't heckle me...please, please, please" I thought to myself. Of course he looks straight ahead, to the back of the room:

"Where are you folks from?", he asks Jeff and I.

"From (name of town)", I said.

"Oh, you came a long way, didn't you." Can you smell the sarcasm? off easy.

Second comic was pretty funny.

The third comic, the headliner, was funny and he got the impression that all of us had demented senses of humor, so he let loose with an indescribably tasteless joke about having sex with a woman who had a double mastectomy and what he did when he needed to climax.

So in response, some Army guys who finished up a couple of tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq (we found out all of this from conversations they had with each of the three comics) said:

Army guy from Indiana: "That was a mean joke"

Comic: "Oh, you guys were shot at over in Iraq and you think a joke like this is mean?"

Army guy from Indiana: "Hell, we KILLED guys over in Iraq and we STILL thought the joke was mean"

Luckily the roudiest of the Army guys was too drunk to stand let alone say anything intelligible, so the comic went on with the rest of his routine.

That, folks, was date night.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy New Year!!

When I was a kid, September heralded the entrance of not only the new school year, but the buying of school supplies.

I couldn't wait to go with my mom to Two Guys (remember that store?) and get my hands on brand new #2 Ticonderoga pencils in pastel colors and matching erasers to stick on the end of them when the original erasers wore out.

I had to deal with life altering decisions like: Should I choose the Trapper Keeper with the Puppies, or the Kittens?

Ah, the clean white crispness of the sharply lined notebook paper waiting to receive my carefully, and neatly written cutely curled cursive handwriting.

I promised myself I would study every single day, do my homework as soon as I got home from school, and would be completely organized overall.

Two weeks into the school year...without fail....every year, those expectations would go downhill and I would get sloppy in my notetaking and my procrastinating ways would overcome my idealistic walk on the straight and narrow of studying hard and diligently.

Now, I am faced with the same shiny newness of the new school year with Brendon. In addition to all of the anticipated shopping for new pencils, notebooks, and various other instruments of successful schooling, I am anticipating the gathering of:

Glucose meter
Test strips
Ketone meter
Ketone strips
Infusion set
alcohol wipes
Cotton balls
A revised 504 plan

Here's to a successful and safe school year to all the kids in the DOC.

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Post About Nothing and the Perfect Summer Day

Lately it seems as though my blog has very little to do about Brendon and diabetes. This is a good thing. No issues. Or at least none that I'm recognizing. School starts on the 30th, so we'll be meeting with a new school nurse who is just starting this school year.

I actually had already met her recently at a girls' night out with a group of women. We chatted and she reaffirmed that she would meet with us before school started to get the management plan squared away. I like her, and feel very comfortable as I was concerned about who would take the place of the previous nurse who I became very attached to.

Yesterday was the perfect summer day. The air was dry and breezy, sun warm, the air fresh and clean.

My three children playing together harmoniously in the backyard....

catching baby toads....

watching them swim around in water puddled in our deflated pool....

squirting them around with the hose....

Brendon wondering why his baby toad wasn't swimming....

noting that it felt squishy and puffy....

absorbing the blow when I told him that his toad was dead....

me asking him where the baby toad went when I later checked on them....

Brendon telling me he threw it up in the sky to Froggy Heaven....

me knowing that he most likely threw it pop-fly style to where it is now laying somewhere on the lawn waiting to be stepped on....

or mowed over.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just Wondering.....

Is everyone who was born and/or raised in New England, a Red Sox fan?

AND do they consider themselves fans even if they don't like baseball??