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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We Have Lift-off....

**Spoiler Alert At End Of Post.**

Yesterday, the kids were anxious to get into the basement where I have my "home gym" set up.

Brendon needed my help with a certain move on my old school Total Gym. I held the handles for him while he got himself positioned on the platform and took the reigns. He wanted to know what move to make for the biceps, so I showed him. And then he kind of switched things up to workout different parts of his upper body.

As he's heaving and ho-ing, he says, "I'm doing this for a reason."

"Oh yeah? What reason is that?"

"My friend at school said that he's stronger than me and I said that he isn't. Some of my other friends said that he's stronger than me, so I'm going to prove them wrong. We're going to have a lift-off to see whose the strongest. We're going to lift a really big snowball at recess, tomorrow."

"OK, Bren. Keep working out."


Later that evening, we were all sitting at the table for dinner. Jessica asked Jacob if he's still in love with R at preschool. He said "NOOOO. N is in love with R now. I'm not anymore."

Brendon pipes in and says, "You should have a lift-off to see who should love her. Start working out to get stronger."

Boys and their macho mumbo jumbo.

Update: Brendon won the contest. While A lifted a big, huge snowball pretty high, Brendon lifted it over his head.


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