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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Sweet Of It

A man, who I'll call The Chairman, saw us on TV and expressed how moved he was to write to us and hoped his input would make a difference in Brendon's life:

"This is a Brendon fan letter.... And then it is a Lewis family fan letter for all which it presents to a world hungry for such definition."

He went on to write about how he took note of Brendon being a sports fan and gave printouts with information about successful athletes from his generation as well as about prominent businessmen who he was close with who all have/had juvenile diabetes.

He ended the letter by saying,

"As a member of the "greatest generation", thanks, Brendon, for allowing me to anticipate your autograph well before the "nextest generation" begs for it".

The best in human nature may be the one sweet thing diabetes inadvertantly brings to light.


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