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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Aw, How Nice :)

Thank you, Jessica (Oh, The Joys), for choosing me, along with a lot of other deserving bloggers, to receive a nice award :)

Blue happens to be my favorite color ;D


  • I got one of these a week or so ago and in my usual procrastination fashion, I haven't passed it along yet. And I was going to give you one. Beaten to the punch by OTJ. Dammit.

    By Blogger Major Bedhead, at 9/02/2007 10:34 AM  

  • OMG, Thanks Julia. It's the thought that counts :)

    I'll get around to awarding this to a bunch of bloggers at some point this week.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 9/02/2007 10:54 AM  

  • Congratulations, Nice, loving, true, faithful, honest, fun..;you deserve them all!

    By Anonymous tongue in cheek, at 9/06/2007 11:26 AM  

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