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Friday, August 10, 2007

Did You Ever See That Movie?

I'm going through withdrawals. I've taken a toke here and there two or three times TOTAL throughout the week by changing my Facebook updates and checking out my emails. Those two things took about 5 minutes to do altogether because that's all I had time for and it did nothing to satiate my need to read through the slogs of blogs I regularly visit. (I can't find a clip of Reefer Madness where the guy has a joint in his mouth and is violently playing the piano....that's what I kind of felt like on occasion...I'm pathetic).

Right now my step-mom and Jess are working on a project that they don't want me to see, and I've read every magazine in the house. We plan to take the kids to an indoor playground/arcade, but Bren is napping. So, there's nothing else to do but to comment on a couple of blogs and write a new post.

Jessica, my step-mom and I went for a pedicure today. It was Jessica's first and it was a real bonding experience.

Jess also lost her toof at the beginning of the week. We set it under her pillow and in the morning she found a dollar in its place. Later that day, Brendon discovered it when he went snooping through my pocketbook and asked me why the tooth fairy didn't take the tooth.

When confronted with a question that you aren't prepared to lie about, do what I did and keep your trap shut! Neither deny nor confirm anything.

It's rainy today.

I hope you're still awake....and if you've read this far...thank you! I'm flattered.

Uh, let's see....

Nope, no way I can drag this post out.

Plus Jake is calling for me to wipe his ass.

See ya'll next week!


  • After my dad died several years ago, we were helping my mom downsize so she could move to a new home. In the bottom dresser drawer was an old metal band-aid box filled with all of our teeth (4 kids). It was the grossest thing ever, and I don't know why - I mean, they were all dried up and everything. I can still see them, looking like archeological remnants from another life.

    By Blogger Minnesota Nice, at 8/10/2007 10:10 PM  

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