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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Stick In The Spokes

Jessica and Brendon have neighbor friends who are brother and sister as well. They are the perfect pair of pairs and we often trade houses to play at.

Today it was our turn to host and all was going well, until Diabetes came out to play. He wasn't invited, but we weren't given much of a choice.

While the wheels of play were turning smoothly, D decided to grab a stick and jab it in the spokes causing Brendon to get tripped up.

Brendon and his friend, B, made up a contest to see who would get to the whiffle ball first in order to determine whose turn it was to use the catcher's mitt. Brendon had lost. He has been a sore loser many a time and comes around after a mini lesson in how to lose gracefully, but this time he lost control and wouldn't listen to reason.

I assumed he was low and so I checked him. And I was right. He couldn't get a grip on his temper, so I had to send him to his room to calm down after I treated him with juice.

B's sister got upset at seeing Brendon get so out of control and wanted to go home. B said he would stay until Brendon was ready to come down, but I told him he should go home too because by the time Brendon was ready to play again, it would be time to leave anyway.

When B was leaving, he said to give the catcher's mitt to Brendon. Nothing touched me more than that gesture. He knew that Brendon wasn't feeling well and he knew it would make Brendon feel better to borrow the mitt for a day.

Wow, I am just absolutely in awe of the compassion B had exhibited. When we return the mitt on Wednesday, I'll have to tell his mom she's got an amazing young man.


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