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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I'm a big sister and I used to take advantage of my little brother's youthful ignorance. If he had a dime, I'd trade him a nickel for it by convincing him that "nickels are worth more because they're bigger". I made it a hobby of mine to scam my little brother whenever I had the opportunity.

So I observed with Dian Fossey-like interest the Big Brother Scam Brendon was trying to play out on his little sister:

Brendon didn't feel like putting his breakfast dish in the sink, so he convinced Jessica to do it for him if he paid her 55 cents. She willingly obliged. In order to gain back what he paid out, Brendon suggested that she should give him something to do and pay him 55 cents to do it.

"No way", said Jessica, "I'm not giving you any money." With that, Jessica turned on her heels and walked away leaving Brendon stupefied in her wake.

"That's so not fair", Brendon said with indignation.

Ah, you have much to learn Grasshopper.


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