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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Fine Rainy Friday Morning

I perform my morning ritual of putting on coffee, filling my cup with a generous dose of milk, warming it, stir two teaspoons of Splenda into the warm milk, and fill the remaining space in the cup with coffee.

I sit at the computer to check emails.

I take a sip of coffee.

Hmmm...this coffee tastes weird.

Is there residue from the dishwashing soap still in the cup?

I take another sip from another side of the rim.

My still waking brain detects....saltiness?

And then it dawns on my sleepy brain.....

Yesterday, Jacob wanted to help me cook so he took some salt from the stash I had on the counter to stir in a bowl.

Yesterday, after dinner, I had noticed the Splenda container was out on the counter where I did not leave it.

2 + 2 = salt in the fucking Splenda



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