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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Meme Time

Here are Lyrehca's questions to moi (must practice writing and speaking French for my trip!)

1. Vanilla or chocolate? And if chocolate, what kind (milk, dark or white)?

I like any kind of chocolate, but I've grown to like dark the best.

2. In five years, what do you want to look back on and be most excited by?

My trip to France next year. I think I'd be most excited by that.

3. What's your favorite season?

The Fall. Between the colors, temperature, the smell of smoke from chimneys, and the holidays, Fall is my favoritist.

4. In 30 years, will you go to your high school reunion? Your college reunion? An elementary school reunion? Why or why not?

My college and elementary school doesn't have reunions. I would go to my H.S. reunion just to see how everyone looks and whether the popular kids are still losers.

5. How have you been affected as a result of keeping a blog?

Blogging has gotten me back in touch with writing which I always dreamed would be my profession in one form or another.

I also feel much more at ease with Brendon's future based on the entries that PWD have made about their experiences. I'm not afraid for him anymore.


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