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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What The Hell Is Wrong With Kids These Days?

Class trip went well...too well. Nothing to write about. Kids behaved themselves; they weren't loud and obnoxious; they sat still during the whole performance; behaved on the bus. They were nothing at all how we were as kids.

I remember riding home from school with the entire bus of us yelling, screaming, throwing paper balls at each other...and the bus driver.

We'd yell at her to quit side-swiping mailboxes (she never did, but would come deadly close to doing so). She'd be in tears the entire time. And we showed no mercy. Day in and day out. She finally quit, but by that time, I was off to high school and became much more mature.

Forget about class trips. We'd yell out to people in the streets of NYC as we drove by. We'd get "the finger" in response and that would make our day!! One trip was to the Intrepid. Three of us made off on our own and found all sorts of rooms and tunnels that were off limits to the general public. We made our way into a control room...they should really lock rooms that are off limits...and pretended to shoot down ships and planes. No one ever noticed we were gone. We simply slipped back in with the group and continued the tour.

I have to say that one of the kids I was in charge of looking after had an uncanny resemblance to Baby Huey.


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