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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Your Favorite Infusion Set

I'm taking a poll to see what infusion set you pumpers use, why you like it, and what you don't like about it.

Brendon uses the Cozmo and we use the Comfort set. I hate it with a passion. No offense to anyone who uses it :)



  • I'm a Comfort user -- and I love it. But I can't imagine trying to use one on a little one -- the needle size and the fact that it doesn't have an insertion device must be daunting.

    By Blogger Nicole P, at 5/14/2006 7:40 PM  

  • That's one of the reasons why I don't like it. I always feel like the needle will pop through the other side. Bleck.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 5/14/2006 7:51 PM  

  • I use the quick-set.
    Depending on the day, I either love it or hate it.
    I like the inserter when it works right. I couldn't imagine doing it without it. However, it doesn't always work well.
    The way is disconnects is much better than the soft-set (no pig-tail) and I like it better than the comfort too. It twists.
    The tape is similar to most sets. My very sensative skin doesn't usually have a problem with it.

    By Blogger Jen, at 5/14/2006 8:59 PM  

  • I sometimes use the comfort and sometimes use the inset. I actually find the comforts have the best sticking power.

    By Anonymous Wendy, at 5/14/2006 9:02 PM  

  • I use the QuickSet from Minimed. 6 mm cannula, 90 degree insertion. I've used it since I started on the pump about 2 1/2 years ago and haven't had any big issues, save for a kinked cannula here and there. The sticky tape stuff sticks FOREVER so I haven't had too many "unstuck" issues.

    Was just reminded of "stuck" issues. Laughing again...

    By Blogger Kerri., at 5/14/2006 10:34 PM  

  • I absolute hate the Comforts. I use Insets and am going to try the Cleo soon.

    Biggest advantage to the inset -- I've had very few bad sites and I don't have to look at the needle.

    By Anonymous Kathleen Weaver, at 5/14/2006 11:49 PM  

  • I use the QuickSet (same as Kerri) and I love it. Never had any problems with them and they do stick really well.

    By Blogger melissa, at 5/15/2006 9:40 AM  

  • I've been using the MiniMed SofSet for almost 7 years and am getting ready to switch to the QuickSet. The people from MiniMed can vary greatly on their generosity. I called one day to ask for a sample of QuickSets and was told that it'd be $30. Another time I called to complain that low rise jeans pull out my SofSets, and I had a sample of Quicksets delivered to me within 48 hours. You just never know who you're going to get. I really, really like the QuickSets.

    By Blogger Jen, at 5/15/2006 9:47 AM  

  • I wear a Cozmo pump, but still use the MM QuickSets. I love them. The adhesive has never given me problems, even through my basketball sweats.

    I've also become too used to having an inserter device. That, and only that, is what keeps me from using the Cleo's.

    By Blogger Scott K. Johnson, at 5/15/2006 10:17 AM  

  • Riley uses the Insets and we both like them. We've used the comforts and both hated them.

    By Blogger Penny, at 5/15/2006 8:34 PM  

  • We use the Unomedical Comfort tenders 6mm (smallest needle). Needle size is about an inch. We use EMLA but I like to have control over the depth and the speed of insertion. Do not want to use a "serter." But am open to using other sets. These have been dependable, only popped off once in the pool. Saw Sure-T set demonstrated but that one is only for Mini-med users.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/16/2006 3:15 AM  

  • I'm with Kerri and Melissa, it's the Quickset 6mm w/the 23" tubing. The adhesive sticks even through the longest, sweatiest workouts and will even stand up to the occasional catch on the kitchen drawer knob... oouucchh!

    By Blogger Keith, at 5/16/2006 4:21 PM  

  • I tried and hated the Comforts. I use the 6mm Inset and love them. They stick, they are painless, and they work.

    By Blogger Megan, at 5/16/2006 8:16 PM  

  • I am getting ready to upgrade from a 508 (5 years old) to a 722. I am also switching from sof-sets to quick sets. From what I ahave read are the quick sets really that big of a problem? With the sof-sets I would just cover the site with a iv patch (3m) and it ould not pull away. Is the quick set sticky enough to hold for 3 days or will I need to use the IV patch with cutting a hole in it? Kieth, try putting a loop in the tubing with a small piece of tape or band aide to stop the pulling if your tubing is catching on things. It takes away some of the pain.
    God Bless and happy pumping

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/17/2007 4:57 PM  

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