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Friday, May 12, 2006

Can Anyone Tell I'm Stressed?

Here are my Meme questions from Kerri:

1. What song would you pick as your theme and why?

Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen. I was born and raised in NJ. I can totally relate to the atmosphere that the song has which is "going down the shore" to get away from all the pressures and just feeling good.

2. You come home and your house is completely covered in very small birds. How do you shoo them away successfully?

What the hell kind of question is this?, LOL. I would clap my hands and say "Get outta here!!".

3. Your husband is out and your children are with the sitter: How would you spend three hours of completely free time?

I would read one of the books I'm trying to get through. I would make myself a alcoholic cocktail, not sure long as it contains a good dose of alcohol. Maybe I'd watch a movie from On Demand. Basically anything that I don't have to physically get on my feet and do.

4. Someone is writing the book of your life. What’s the title?

Coming of Age During a Midlife Crisis.

5. Why do you blog?

At first I wanted to write about Brendon and our experience with diabetes because I wanted to connect with others who were having similar experiences or even just different long as it was about diabetes. I wanted to feel less isolated and to know that what I felt or did was normal.

Now I basically write as a mental outlet. I post what I think is interesting and funny whether it has anything to do with diabetes or not.


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