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Monday, October 22, 2007

I Snurf

Comcast has a commercial where a husband is snurfing while on the phone with his wife.

Snurf means to surf the web unbeknowgst to the person you're on the phone with at the time.

I do it pretty often when I talk to Jeff.

He typically calls me in the morning during the time I spend on the computer reading blogs, checking emails, etc.

I figure, if I pay attention to key words and phrases, then I can get the jist of the conversation and be able to reply accordingly.

A conversation might go something like this:

Jeff (sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher): Whan whan whan whan store whan whan whan home whan whan whan whan. OK?

Me: M-hm. OK.

Jeff: whan whan whan whan. Whan whan whan. Whan whan whan go to the store.

Me (snapped out of my internet surfing trance): Oh, don't go to the store on the way home because I picked up what we needed.

Did you hear what I said?

Me: Yes. Why?

Jeff: I just said I'd be home early so that you could go to the store.

Me: Oh. Uh. Well, I already

Jeff: You were on the internet, weren't you.


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