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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn Smells Good

I feel like crap this morning. I have a headache which is threatening to migraine on me. My stomach hurts. I feel sluggish. My neck and upper back muscles are tight.

I'm not sick. I'm out of shape again and I'm eating garbage.

Jeff was working out with his boss at the gym this morning. The Boss asked Jeff if I was still working on my triathlon training. Jeff said no, not really. The Boss asked what tipped him off and Jeff said, "I saw a box of Twinkies with empty wrappers scattered on the bed the other day." (Note to self: Remember to throw out the evidence of gluttony and bury it deep in the trash can before husband finds it.)

Recently (a couple of days ago), I ate a whole box of Twinkies in two days. This morning, along with a big cup of coffee and 2 scrambled eggs, I had a honking piece of chocolatey chocolate cake that I baked for Jessica's birthday yesterday.

I've always felt my best when I eat food that is as close to nature as possible. I have spring in my step, I don't get migraines, I don't mind doing chores around the house, I want to take the kids out and play, I scrap the sweatpants and t-shirts in order to wear nicer (but still casual) clothes, I put makeup on, I want to go to the gym.

As opposed to now where I'm wearing sweatpants and a stained t-shirt, no makeup, no shower, my hair up in a clip.

About a month ago I talked myself into losing weight and thought I had the mindset. I did lousy from the start. I'd eat like crap and say, "Tomorrow I'll DEFINITELY start the day with oatmeal." And then I'd eat leftovers from Applebee's instead.

Autumn is my favorite season and this year the trees are phenomenally vibrant with rich reds and golds and oranges.

But I can't enjoy it because I have to lay down so that my headache doesn't turn into a puke inducing migraine like the one I had last Friday.

I have a new challenge on my agenda that I don't plan to carry out until 2009 since it needs some major training to accomplish.

Lunchtime is when I'll start eating healthy again and put a workout plan in place.

Nothing like feeling crappy to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.


  • I wonder if that's why I feel like crap after I ate that ginormous plate of mac and cheese (homemade of course) last night for dinner?? And still feel like crap this morning?

    salad for lunch. all the way.

    By Blogger Michelle, at 10/18/2007 10:32 AM  

  • Funny how I manage to do the same things. I mean, I can't eat gluten but manage to still do well in the "eat like shit" department. Then, I feel like shit. Imagine that?!?

    Dani and I made a big batch of gf cookies the other day. I was so proud of myself because honest to god this is the first time I've made gf cookies that actually TURNED OUT. And, what do you think I've been eating ever since???? For breakfast? Coffee and cookies. For snack? Cookies! It's all about the cookies right now.

    I have no willpower and I lack motivation. I need an army commander to move into my house and yell in my face, lock my pantry and push me out the door to exercise. Home boot camp. Too bad they don't do that ....

    Maybe I'll get my ass out the door this evening and go to the gym. And, maybe a salad for lunch is in order *sigh*.

    Good luck!

    By Blogger Jamie, at 10/18/2007 11:18 AM  

  • Ugh. Autumn is nice. I've been in the same kind of slump for a few days... Albeit I've had a lot going on - I've been eating (when I eat) and only going to the gym or exercising because I feel like I *have* to - not because I'm enjoying it.

    Can't wait to hear about your next challenge!


    By Blogger Nicole P, at 10/18/2007 12:19 PM  

  • I *love* sweat pants and a big old stained shirt. Throw in some thick socks and hat hair, and I'm HAPPY!!!

    Shit. Have to get dressed for work. Nothing fits. I have to stop buying those Trader Joe's molasses cookies.

    I'm with you, Shannon. Gotta get it under control.

    By Blogger Naomi, at 10/18/2007 1:08 PM  

  • Mmmm...nothing like leftovers for breakfast, huh?

    While I'm continuing to put (some) time into exercise, I've strung together a few loser eating days in a row...or at least average days with loser eating segments that punish me for half the day.

    I don't know what drives these cycles of good and bad behavior, but I can definitely identify with your struggle.

    I like the way you don't decide to throw an entire day away after a bad breakfast. It would be so easy just to say, "Ah, maƱana." But no. You don't.

    Good luck getting it together, Shannon.

    By Blogger Johnboy, at 10/18/2007 2:15 PM  

  • I am in the same boat. I have been eating like crap and because of that I have been also getting migraines.

    I honestly think its the time of year. I always feel bummbed out this time of year at the begining.

    I am so close to my goal weight.. I need to get motivated to lose the rest.

    Maybe we all can motivate eachother??

    By Blogger Jenn, at 10/18/2007 2:25 PM  

  • I think most people can relate to this on some level. I've been blaming it on PMS for weeks, and you know what? No period. I actually think my body is adjusting back to Taiwan and there are hormonal changes going on, but this is no excuse to let willpower go out the window.

    Thanks for sharing your slip-up with us, as it makes our own inevitable slip ups a bit easier to bear.

    Hope you feel better soon. Migranes are a b*tch!

    By Blogger Amylia, at 10/18/2007 6:40 PM  

  • I'm only doing slightly better - only I'm shoving fiber one bars down my throat. I'm not going to poo again for weeks... and then there's going to be an exposion.

    By Blogger Oh, The Joys, at 10/18/2007 9:26 PM  

  • I hear you sister, is I had Twinkies I would eat them too! Just know when you get to my neck of the woods macarons and croissants are going to give you a run for your money.

    Not to mention wine!

    Hope you are feeling better.

    By Anonymous tongue in cheek, at 10/20/2007 4:22 PM  

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