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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's The Plan, Stan?

Today, we went over the 504 Plan with the new school counselor, the nurse, the assistant principal, and Mrs. B (Brendon's teacher).

We basically reviewed the existing plan and made a few changes.

What can I say other than they went along with whatever we wanted and told us what they are now doing differently from last year.

The only time he goes to the nurse to get tested is if he's already in a nearby classroom for music or art. Otherwise, the nurse always goes to him.

They have a buzzer in the classroom to alert the nurse in case he's low and she needs to come to test and treat him.

There is a kit along with juice and tabs in the classroom, in the nurse's office (of course), and on the school bus.

In case of the school being evacuated and always at recess, there is a kit with all of the essentials that is taken outside and kept handy in case it's needed for a low.

A lot had to do with scenarios dealing with low blood sugars.

Not much has to be done about highs other than he's to be corrected during his lunch bolus and if he's above 350 at snack time in the afternoon. And if he's excessively high at any other time, the nurse will call me or Jeff to get our advice on how to treat it, if at all.

In a nutshell, he gets tested at:

10:30 am during snack time.
12:30 during lunch
3:00 before boarding the bus
Before gym.
After gym.
After recess.
And anytime in between when he isn't feeling right.

I think he's pretty well taken care of at school.


  • That's great! Tomas isn't on the pump yet but the only time the school will test him is Before Lunch or when he feels low. As far as I know, there are no full-time nurses in any public Canadian school - only 'visiting' nurses (once a week she stops by). Tomas is tested by an Educational Assistant who is quite nervous about the whole thing.

    That's great that there is a nurse to lessen the impact to Brendon!


    By Blogger Carmen & Todd, at 9/12/2007 11:30 PM  

  • I'm glad Brendon's so well taken care of. It sounds just like Noah's routine!
    His new Dr. at Mass General actually asked me why we test that much ...needless to say, I want a new Dr.

    Hope Brendon's school year is great, and his numbers stay nice and steady :)

    By Blogger Lea, at 9/13/2007 8:23 AM  

  • Carmen,

    Not all American schools have their own nurse the way my town's schools do, which makes me so much more relieved that we live in the town that we do.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 9/13/2007 8:23 AM  

  • Lea,

    Ha! We posted at exactly the same time.

    We take Brendon to Children's. I can give you the name of his endo if you want. She's type 1 as well, so she KNOWS, you know?

    By Blogger Shannon, at 9/13/2007 8:25 AM  

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