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Friday, July 13, 2007


I almost feel guilty about being fortunate enough to drive a half hour to the east and hang out at the beach.

I love where I live. I have the mountains to the north, the beach to the east, and Boston to the south all within an arm's reach away.

But, I'm taking full advantage of my good fortune and will shortly be taking the kiddies to swim in the ocean and play a game of catch on the sand.

I predict Jessica will hunt for tiny snail shells and collect them in a bucket; Jacob will bury my feet in the sand; Brendon will boldly ask the first child he sees and involve him in throwing a football around. And the three of them will hold hands and jump the tiny waves of the New Hampshire coastline.

There's nothing like the salt air, pounding surf, and being kissed by the sun to ease a troubled mind.

Directions to the beach:

Make a right on Abbey Road and keep driving east 'til you hit the water. Put on some sunscreen 'cause Here Comes The Sun. We'll go seek some shade in the Octopus's Garden.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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