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Monday, May 21, 2007

The 40 Year Old

Today is Jeff's birthday. He turned 40 years old. People think he's younger because he looks sooo good ;) It's all that pumping iron he's doing.

Wow, I can't believe I'm married to a 40 year old. Does that mean we're actually grown ups now?

Happy Birthday to the man who I knew would stick it out for 16 years come hell or high water.

Happy Birthday to the man who supplied 50% of the materials needed to make our beautiful babies.

Happy Birthday to the man who still sees me as that 20 year old girl who he spotted the night we met.

Happy Birthday to the man who I love more now than ever.

Happy Birthday Babe :)

*Side note: This picture was taken on Mother's Day. He dressed the kids...and himself...and I LMAO everytime I see it because not only are they color coordinated with each other, they coordinate with the napkins too :D He didn't even plan it that way!! In fact, he didn't realized they all matched until I pointed it out.


  • The first thing i noticed was the empty plate where it seems you just got up from and all of the others have barely gotten thier forks in. Chocolate is my vice too.

    YOu have a very good lookng family.

    And jeff is totally the MAN!!!

    I am 5 or so years behind him ( i dont really know how old i am at the moment, denise is downstairs) and i still have hope it seems, maybe i will stop the tuck and start pumping more iron.

    By Blogger Chris, at 5/21/2007 10:10 AM  

  • Happy Birthday, Jeff!!

    And if that's what pumping iron makes 40 look like, I'm going to renew Chris's membership at the gym. ;)

    Cute pics of the kids!! (As always)

    By Blogger Kerri., at 5/21/2007 11:41 AM  

  • Happy birthday Jeff.

    Nice pictures of the children, though it seems (to me) they ought to have more chocolate/ice cream on their face. They must really love you to stay that clean!

    By Blogger Bernard, at 5/21/2007 11:53 AM  

  • Happy birthday, Jeff.

    By Blogger Penny, at 5/21/2007 12:22 PM  

  • Happy Birthday Jeff :)

    You are right - he certainly doesn't look 40!

    By Blogger Jamie, at 5/21/2007 5:46 PM  

  • That is an adorable picture of youe family. I love the coordinating outfits. Do you have a desk you could put that on in a cute frame?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/21/2007 8:36 PM  

  • happy birthday to Jeff!

    what a great picture!

    By Blogger Rachel..., at 5/21/2007 8:48 PM  

  • Happy birthday, Jeff!

    It's like Garanimals in that picture. Too cute. You need a nice maroon frame for it. :D Did you match, too?

    By Blogger Major Bedhead, at 5/21/2007 11:21 PM  

  • I am a bit late on this.. sorry.

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Great looking family!!

    By Blogger Jenn, at 5/22/2007 9:10 AM  

  • What a gorgeous family, Shannon.
    And your man looks like a baby-- definitely not 40.

    By Blogger Sandra Miller, at 5/22/2007 11:58 PM  

  • Happy Birthday to your husband. I'll be 40 in September...OMG!!

    By Blogger Oh, The Joys, at 5/23/2007 4:13 PM  

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