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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Zany Adventures Of Hans And Franz

I don't know if any of you recall my past posts about my husband and his boss going to the gym together and how I joke around about their "masculinity".

Well, they are officially a gay the eyes of the new gym they belong to. It's sort of like a Busom Buddies situation.

Apparently, there is a clique-ish group of guys at the gym they had been going to that started giving Jeff's boss a bit of trouble. One of the guys had a girlfriend that would work out with all of them and the boyfriend thought Jeff's boss was checking her out, so they'd crowd him at the machines and stare him down, etc. He of course had no interest in the girl, but they didn't seem to come to that conclusion.

So, Jeff's boss suggested he and Jeff cancel their membership and join a different gym. Jeff went along with it because he'd rather avoid drama anyway.

During work hours yesterday, they went to a new gym that they knew of and sat down with an employee to start up a membership.

Gym Employee: (after discussing about whether payment would be on separate credit cards or a joint credit card) We have a family plan. Are you two together?

Jeff: Inwardly groans because he knows what the guy is implying.

Jeff's Boss: If it's going to save us some money, then yeah, we're together. But how can we do the family plan when we can't show that we're related?

Gym Employee: It's not your fault you two can't get married. That shouldn't be held against you.

Jeff: Inwardly groans again.

Gym Membership: $940 per year
Discount on the Family Plan: $120
Pretending You're Gay Because You're Too Cheap to Pay an Extra $60 Each: Priceless


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