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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blue Funk and a Shoutout To PB&J, Cottonballs, and the Pump

Yesterday I was feeling blue and very low-energy. I didn't eat much and I was just kinda moping around getting the kids ready for school. I wasn't in the mood for doing anything other than feeling sorry for myself.

I did go to the gym after I did the preschool drop-off, but after doing a set and a half of leg-lift thig-a-ma-jiggy exercises (I may know how to work the equipment, but don't ask me the names), I got up and left. My head wasn't into it.

I continued my day in an Eeyore kind of way, but there were a few things that got me through my funk. One was an email from my good, caring friend....another was a 7.2 A1C for Brendon and a good set of numbers for that day (all in the 100 range)....and finally Brendon telling me that he didn't feel the infusion set change AT ALL when it was time to change it!!! So those things made me happy for the moment.

I'm still in a bit of a funk, but I'm doing things to help get me out and today I vow to get a good cardio workout in to make up for yesterday.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see my personal trainer and I know he'll work the funk right out of me!! LOL.

Here's my shoutout to the Trifecta of procrastination rescue:

1. Thank you PB&J for coming through this morning and causing lunch-making to be so quick and easy. I had 10 minutes before Brendon had to leave for the bus before I realized I never made his lunch (his numbers have been crazy so we're holding off the school lunches) and you didn't disappoint!

2. Thank you Cottonballs for wearing an extra hat and taking up room in the teddy bear I had to sew for Brendon for school. I know we just use you to clean up finger prick blood, but you mean so much more than that...and you know it ;)

3. Finally, thank you Pump for saving the day and allowing Brendon to show you off for Show & Tell when I completely forgot all about it and didn't set something up for him to show. Not only do you give him great A1C's, but you're fascinating for kids to gawk at.

Now that I've officially gone over the deep end, I'm going to work out.


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