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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Biggest Loser

Today marks exactly one month since I've buckled down on my eating habits. It hasn't yet been a month since I started working out at the gym, but it's close enough, so I'll just include it in today's date as well.

So far I've been taking in on average, 1500 calories, with some days where I went over. I've been going to the gym on average about 3 days a week with cardio at home during the in between days. Recently, I've started going to the gym 4 days a week because on Sunday I take a Spinning class.

My routine at the gym typically consisted of a 30 minute cardio workout on the elliptical and then a full body circuit on the Nautilus machines.

Now, I've been seeing a personal trainer once a week. He has me doing strength training using the stability ball as a main base which is what I now do during the other two strength training days. It's great because for instance, while I'm working chest, I'm working the rest of my body at the same time because I'm trying to keep my balance.

It's all about the core, people!

As for cardio, I've adopted a new favorite piece of equipment...the Stair Climber. It looks like an escalator and you can set it for different kinds of programs. I set it for a steady pace at level 4 and can only do 20 minutes on it. It's super hard and I'm mearly trying to get to 30 minutes as my ultimate goal. Here I was thinking I was in shape because I really didn't feel winded at all on the elliptical, but the Stair Climber is kicking my ass for sure.

As of today, with all of this work I've been doing, I've lost a total of 6.4 pounds. I watch the Biggest Loser and feel like a 6 pound loss in one month is so piddly, BUT, I must remember that a slow weight loss means it'll stay off!


  • 6.4 in a month is awesome! Congratulations!

    By Blogger Ally, at 10/16/2006 9:13 AM  

  • Thanks Ally! Now it's just 10 more to go....

    By Blogger Shannon, at 10/16/2006 11:20 AM  

  • 6 lbs in one month is AWESOME!

    You're doing great ... I think I need some of your motivation as some days I can easily talk myself out of exercising - or, talk myself into eating something bad. I have no spine lol.

    Great work - keep it up and those last 10 lbs will be gone before you know it :D

    By Blogger Jamie, at 10/16/2006 11:28 AM  

  • Way to go Shannon!!!

    6.4 in a month is GREAT!

    And OMG, those stairmasters...

    By Blogger Scott K. Johnson, at 10/16/2006 1:36 PM  

  • Congrats! You are awesome. Way to go Super Mom.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/16/2006 3:08 PM  

  • Jamie, Scott and Vivian,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I just want to get to a point where I don't have to lose weight. But I can't stop now...gotta keep moving....

    By Blogger Shannon, at 10/16/2006 3:24 PM  

  • shannon, that is fabulous!! keep it're doing great!

    cardio+strength is the best combo imo

    By Blogger Johnboy, at 10/16/2006 3:59 PM  

  • Thanks JB. It's amazing how many calories muscle burns during the day after strength training.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 10/16/2006 7:51 PM  

  • ow!! What commitment! Makes we want to join...15OO calories a day, how do you mangage it, you cannot eat much on 1500 calories!!

    By Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques, at 10/18/2006 4:50 PM  

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