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Monday, June 26, 2006

To Make a Long Story Short....

We headed down to NY and NJ over the weekend to visit friends and family. Before we left, Jeff changed Brendon's infusion set. When he took out the old one, pus came out of the site...ergo infection.

He put antibiotic cream on it as usual and didn't think anything of it because there was no redness around the site.

Yet, on the drive down, Brendon started complaining that the old site hurt. I started getting worried because he never complains about pain unless something is REALLY painful.

I took a look and sure enough it was bright red around the site. I told Jeff that we'd need to call Children's and have the endo call in a prescription for an antibiotic because it would only get worse. Plus I remember his endo saying that if there was ever an infection, then to call because it could get nasty.

By the time we reached our destination, the site had a big red welt the size of a baseball around it and Brendon could barely walk.

We got the prescription, but he was hobbling around the whole weekend, he was so uncomfortable. He didn't complain one bit though. That kid puts up with so much.
*All is well and healing nicely.


  • Oh my poor Superman. Is he feeling any better yet?

    By Blogger Kerri., at 6/26/2006 3:16 PM  

  • Oh man, poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon!

    By Blogger Scott K. Johnson, at 6/26/2006 5:03 PM  

  • Blech. O's had a few that have looked a bit nasty, but they've never been that bad. I hope he's feeling better!

    By Blogger julia, at 6/26/2006 7:38 PM  

  • Wow, what a tough guy. I'm glad you got him some treatment...hope all is well soon.

    By Blogger Johnboy, at 6/26/2006 8:51 PM  

  • poor little kid. it's amazing how brave he is, i would not have coped with diabetes when i was young.

    By Blogger cHoCoMiLkRoCkS, at 6/27/2006 1:50 PM  

  • Days like that are hard... I have similar experiences with my little cousin. We have nice plans set up, and then something goes wrong, and suddenly things are scary. She always seems to hold up better than any of the adults though!

    By Blogger Lion, at 6/29/2006 9:07 AM  

  • Sweet courageous little man!
    Shannon my thoughts are with you daily!

    By Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques, at 6/29/2006 1:51 PM  

  • I have not read all your posts so I apologise if you already do all this. Make sure your child uses and alchohol wipe and antibactierial cleanser pre inserting his insulin catheter. Also have him change his site every 48 hours and if need be 24 hours-insurance should cover if he gets infections. Good luck.

    By Anonymous lisa, at 7/17/2006 12:05 AM  

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