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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can I Have A Side Of Kidney With That Pancreas?

My cousin, who's had Type 1 since he was 7, just received a pancreas and kidney transplant a week ago. He's 32 years old.

He's home now and needs to wear a mask when he goes out. Everything he comes into contact with has to be sterilized...this goes on for at least a month because his immune system is being depleted by the meds he's on. But, that part of recovery is temporary. Once they change his meds and the dosage, he should be up and running.

So for now, he doesn't need dialysis twice a week for 6 hours a pop and he doesn't need to take insulin anymore.

This is supposed to last for 5 years until he needs another transplant of one or the other organ, or both.

It's so strange to know that he doesn't have to take insulin anymore and that, for now, he isn't diabetic anymore.

As kids, he was always set apart from the rest of us cousins as the one with diabetes...the one who was a bit special because of the attention he needed. We always took it with stride and never made him feel different because, well, he wasn't different. He could run and play with the rest of us.

Now he's not the Scott I've always known...and I'm happy.


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