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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

...Then Put Your Little Hand In Mine...But, Please Wash It First

Jacob, a tender 4 years old, is the baby of the family and wants to grow up so fast. He wants a driver's license and he wants me to buy him a truck.

On one front in particular, he can't grow up fast enough, though.

Today, he steathily wiped his own butt after dropping a deuce and came out asking if he did OK.

I of course came running over, cringing, hoping I wouldn't find a hot mess in the bathroom.

Luckily he did pretty good, but I'm not ready to give him the ultimate responsibilty bestowed to children when it comes to taking care of their own hygiene.

"Mom, when I'm older like daddy, can I wipe my butt?"

Tell you what bud, you can wipe it about 35 years sooner! How does that sound?


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