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Monday, December 10, 2007

I Need A Wintertime Challenge, And I Found One

Tosca Reno, author of the Eat-Clean Diet and the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook, is a mother of three and found herself at over 200 pounds. Her weight fluctuated over the years, but she never really took off the excess weight and kept it off until she started eating clean.

She also suffered from hypoglycemia, and since starting on the Eat-Clean regimen that she designed, her blood sugar levels have stabilized and her blood stats were so healthy there was no place to record them.

Unlike The South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet, and other diets, the Eat-Clean diet is one that can be followed for the rest of your life without cutting out food groups, or performing gimmicky tricks to get you on track. The only things you cut out, which your body doesn't need, are overly processed foods. You eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible. The less ingredients in a product, the better.

Also, it's not only about losing weight, it's about feeling energetic, and looking healthy with glowing skin.

Eating clean means eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein, combining complex carbs and lean protein at every meal. It also means fueling your body throughout the day by eating 6 meals daily. You will never go hungry, although it requires planning your day so that you are never without food even when running errands. Carrying a cooler containing the foods you need during the time frame you'll be out and about is encouraged. Planning meals ahead of time is also encouraged so that you aren't caught in a situation where you need to rely on fast food or convenience food to make up for the meal you missed. The recipes are quick and easy to make though, so it doesn't take a great amount of effort to maintain this way of eating.

You can order takeout or go out to eat at restaurants, but take care to order according to the Eat-Clean guidelines like ordering food that is grilled, baked, etc.

Physique athletes such as body builders have eaten the "clean" way for decades. Weight training is also an important part of losing weight and getting in shape using the Eat-Clean regimen. Cardio exercise is important, but weight training is emphasized as the main way to boost your metabolism and burn calories.

The recipes in the Eat-Clean cookbook happen to be delicious and require only simple, natural ingredients. Because of that, eating this way is cost effective!

My family is currently eating the Roasted Root Vegetable Soup as I write this and the kids are asking for seconds already.

Last night, I made the You-Build-It Lasagna and everyone gave it a thumbs up which is a rare occurance. Usually one person likes what I make, and the others don't like it. So, now I have a tried and true dinner I can make without dinnertime whine fests.

Because of the sensible principles of the Eat-Clean diet, and the fact that the recipes are really good, I'm going to put myself through a 90 challenge to see how much weight I can shed and whether I have the same success Tosca Reno had. In the past, I've followed the South Beach Diet and Weight Watchers. I don't think I got past Phase I of the South Beach Diet, and it took me one year to lose 30 pounds on Weight Watchers. While Weight Watchers is a terrific plan, it gave me too much leeway in what I could eat, so 22 points worth of Twinkies was a reality for me one day....and 22 points was all I was alotted for each day.

My weapons of choice this winter in my Battle Of The Bulge are the Eat-Clean Diet, weight training, and cardio. Can this mom of three stick with it? I'll let you know here.


  • It's funny I had been thinking of putting together a diet book called Egg Whites, Turkey Sandwiches and Diabetes. We're force fed so much processed crap in our diets it takes real dedication to "eat clean". After just a week I guaruntee you'll notice a huge change in how you feel and if you wind up looking like the author next time you feel the need for a freedom trip (like Paris) I'm happy to give you my #!!!! :)

    By Blogger Wingman, at 12/10/2007 11:39 AM  

  • Shannon, I ate clean all summer and I never in my life felt better. It absolutely makes a difference in how you feel. I have slacked off so badly lately and have been eating alot of starchy stuff, and even though I still go to the gym every day, they weight will not come off. Eating clean is the only thing that has worked for me. I wish you much success on it. It's more of a lifestyle than a "diet" , but it's one that will have you feeling better than ever.

    By Blogger Lea, at 12/10/2007 12:12 PM  

  • Good luck! It's the way everyone SHOULD eat, no need to emphasize the word "diet". (I hate that word with a passion...)

    By Blogger Rachel..., at 12/10/2007 12:37 PM  

  • mr. wingman,
    Shannon happens to be beautiful the way she is. If she feels the need to "eat clean", it's because she wants to do it, not because she has to do it...get my drift!!
    Don't make me have to "clip" your wings!!! :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/10/2007 2:20 PM  

  • Haha Jeff is awesome! I like Rachel's idea of not thinking of it as a diet, it's just an over all better way of eating. I can't wait to see your progress, weight loss or not.

    By Blogger Jillian, at 12/10/2007 5:52 PM  

  • Jeff IS awesome. And so are you, Shannon. That makes a lot of sense to me. I know I feel like shit when I eat crap (not literally, okay)...hah...I'll be following your new blog.

    By Blogger Amylia, at 12/11/2007 9:15 AM  

  • ...but eating too much clean can put weight on too.
    It is hard to go on a diet before the holidays.
    Good luck Shannon...but I think you look beautiful and glowing just the way you are. Perfectly perfect in fact.

    By Blogger tongue in cheek, at 12/15/2007 4:58 AM  

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