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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Last Meal

Thanksgiving has come....and has yet to leave this house. Leftovers galore stock my fridge and I keep picking away at them.

I just stepped on the scale. And it's not just the Thanksgiving meal that is settling a homestead on my stomach and ass. It's a summer time and autumn time of snacking too.

Resolution time is coming early.

But, first, I will have my last meal. Tonight we're going to see "No Country For Old Men" (Jeff's and my first movie in an actual theater in about 6 months) and I plan to have my favorite movie theater snacks:

Popcorn and Milk Duds. Nothing can stop me from having them since it's so rare when I do.

They are Ebony and Ivory who live together in perfect my mouth.

I have a routine for how I eat them. First I eat the chocolatey, caramely goodness of the Milk Dud, and when it's time to peel the caramel from my teeth, I eat some popcorn which mixes with the caramel thereby acting as a scrubbing agent.

Plus the two of them taste so good together.

Afterward, we're ordering Chinese food to bring home for dinner for my father-in-law's birthday since he's here visiting for the holiday.

That, folks, is it for me.

After my gluttonous evening, I'm going to get on track by eating healthy again, exercising, and thinking of another challenge to train for to help keep me motivated.


  • Good for you! Enjoy that ebony and ivory combination. I plan on starting something very similar on Monday, after all of the Thanksgiving weekend hooplah. I just feel gross about how I have been treating my body lately. Good luck!

    By Blogger Jillian, at 11/24/2007 2:44 PM  

  • Thanks Jillian. I'm always fluctuating, but this time I've got to make it stick!

    By Blogger Shannon, at 11/25/2007 12:21 PM  

  • I have a motivator for you! I remember seeing on a how it's made type show that candy like M&Ms, Junior Mints, MILK DUDS, and others with a 'shell' all are made with a type of BUG!!! Once I saw the process that was enough for me! I wonder if you can google it?

    yes you can!

    you're welcome!

    By Anonymous LJK, at 11/25/2007 6:25 PM  

  • LJK,
    Where were you yesterday with this information? I am turned off for the rest of my life though. Thanks :)

    By Blogger Shannon, at 11/25/2007 6:31 PM  

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