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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kid-Tested. Mother-Approved.

Brendon likes using the One Touch Ultra Mini and prefers to use it over the regular one. So I went out and bought two more of them so we have extras to stash in my purse and overnight bag.

Consider this to be the most boring post in the world ;)


  • Wake me up when this post is done.
    Just KIDDING!
    Actually it is showing the encroachment of a entirely new and unkonwn phase of Bren's diabetes.
    I am going to be thrilled the first time Emma has a preference on what type of tester to use or pen or even starts asking about pumps.
    But for now i will settle with her being able to choose strawberry shortcake panties over winni the pooh ones.
    Thanks for that post!

    By Blogger Chris, at 7/15/2007 10:09 AM  

  • The word of the day is "encroachment".

    Whatever it takes to engage Bren's interest in his care is what I'm willing to do for him. If it means buying new gadgets to make it fun for him (as fun as management could possibly get that is), then I'm all for it.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 7/15/2007 11:08 AM  

  • Is this a tester for Brendon's diabetes? Why does he prefer it?
    being prepared is always the key isn't it,

    By Anonymous tongue in cheek, at 7/15/2007 11:16 AM  

  • Hi Corey!

    He likes it because it's a novelty to him. It's much slimmer than the other One Touch. How is your niece doing? Email me when you get a chance.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 7/15/2007 11:29 AM  

  • I got the freebie one. O likes it but I don't. It doesn't have a light and it doesn't beep.

    Were you able to find coloured ones? I've looked all over the place and can only find silver, which is what we got as a freebie.

    By Blogger Major Bedhead, at 7/15/2007 11:34 AM  

  • The drug store only had it in silver. I was hoping for green which is his favorite color. I guess you'd have to order it online to get the colors.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 7/15/2007 11:45 AM  

  • If you go to you can get a colored one - possibly for free. Not sure about your metyer status but 'free' might require some creative question answering to qualify.

    My pink one should arrive in about a month.

    By Anonymous Sara (loves pink!), at 7/15/2007 5:47 PM  

  • I got the green , for free of the one touch website but now my pump has the bd logic meter that transmits my number to the pump thats what I use.

    By Anonymous Laura, at 7/15/2007 9:00 PM  

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