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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Google Worthy

I had my neurology appointment yesterday. The doctor was kind and soft spoken, seemed very smart. He asked me about the headache I had last month and then proceeded to poke and prod my face and head, had me do wacky movements, etc., etc.

I seemed normal to him based on the tests he had me perform (probably to merely amuse himself and see what I'd be a sucker for doing...j/k), but he told me that my headache was alarming to him (same reference used by the ER doc). It was alarming to him because it was exertion induced, it happened twice doing the same activity and that it hasn't happened since I stopped the activity. I won't even get into what he said about sex and orgasms.....

He said the ER doctor was very astute when he ordered the CT scan and the spinal tap (for which I will forever curse the PA who performed it!). Even though both came up normal, the neurologist didn't want to settle for those results because he said I could've blown a vessel that didn't actually could've just blown up like a balloon without bursting. He said it could also be what's called Chiari Malformation (on your mark, get set, Google!).

So now I have an appointment next week for an MRI and an MRA. If those two come up with nothing, then there are no specific conditions that caused the headache and I'm in the clear.

On a separate note, I noticed some OC bloggers talking about eating like crap, etc. I have been too! For about a week or so, I've eaten whatever appeals to me, as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was probably dehydrated too because I was too busy (a.k.a. lazy) to get a glass of water when I felt thirsty.

Well, yesterday, I put myself on a diet that I've gotten from an old weight lifting book I have. It's probably more like the South Beach diet. You eat loads of lean protein, vegetables and fruit for snacks. Water is also a must on this diet. I drink a glass upon waking and going to bed, and then before and after each meal. You're supposed to eat this way for a solid month and then the next phase includes more carbs like brown rice and pasta (no more than 2 x's per week).

After just one day, I've dropped 5 pounds (I believe this is the water I was retaining that my body was holding onto for dear life because it was all it had). I feel incredibly energetic. So much so that I am in the mood to put away the laundry that's been sitting in a basket for the past month and that I've been rooting through for clothes to wear!

I have to make a conscious effort to remember how I feel so that when I'm confronted with something that tastes good and yet will set me on a binge, I'll resist it.


  • That's great you're drinking more water (and I'm sure the craptastic weather isn't helping people eat healthier--it's so much easier to curl up on the couch with bad food and watch TV when it's freezing out). Hope they can figure out what's up with your head--good luck!

    By Blogger Lyrehca, at 2/13/2007 11:49 AM  

  • I hope the tests come back negative. It's reassuring to know that he's being very thorough. I've had an MRI for migraines before - if you have any issues with claustrophobia - it's going to suck for you. They're loud as all hell, too LOL. I laughed cause they put headphones on me that piped a local radio station through ... once that MRI started up, I couldn't hear a damned thing! LOL.

    Good for you on drinking your water. I swear, that is the main thing that keeps a person from snacking. I ate horribly this past weekend - IL's visiting cause my body to react to stress badly LOL (yeah, I'll blame being fat on them ... LOL).

    Oh, and sorry to hear about the raw chicken - hee hee ... what's a little salmonella between friends?? J/K!!

    By Blogger Jamie, at 2/13/2007 3:16 PM  

  • said it. The winter causes hybernation a ton and then lay and sleep.


    The funny thing (or not so funny) about the chicken is that Brendon had a stomach flu the next day and I was convinced it was as a result of the dinner! But no one else got sick, so he was just running through some kind of flu.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 2/13/2007 3:34 PM  

  • I really do hope you get some clear info about what is causing your headaches! Such success with your diet - give yourself some stars!

    By Blogger Chrissie in Belgium, at 2/13/2007 3:39 PM  

  • hopefully the tests show it was a one-time wacky thing!

    SBD is what I should be doing. (And I don't mean silent but deadly)

    By Blogger Rachel, at 2/13/2007 8:34 PM  

  • What is SBD?

    By Blogger Shannon, at 2/14/2007 8:36 AM  

  • I've been googling Chiari, cause I have it, and had neurosurgery Nov 30th. If you happen to get a diagnosis of Chiari, pop on by. It's a weird one, after all ;)

    By Blogger Puglet, at 2/16/2007 1:46 AM  

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