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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Message from Jonathan B. Smith, Board Member of the ADA

I've received the following email from Jonathan:

I am trying to get folks in the dBlog community to post links to the Preserve Diabetes Coverage Laws! on , so that they can encourage their readers to Take Action on this proposed bill now. I created a post outlining what needs to be done to add the link to a dBlog:

I have been blogging for over 3 years, but just started this blog. I do not have deep relationships in the dBlog community or a lot of Google juice, so I need some help. I want to encourage all dBlogger to post this button on their sites to encourage folks to Take Action Now!

Perhaps you have some relationships with other dBlogger and could begin help begin the viral process of getting others to put this button or link on their site.

Many thanks, feel free to call me if you have questions,

Warm regards,

Board Member
American Diabetes Association Research Foundation


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