Mom Wants A Diabetes Cure

Monday, November 05, 2007

I was chosen by to write an article for them as part of Diabetes Awareness Month.

I am one of four guest bloggers who give different points of view of diabetes awareness and how diabetes affects them. Kerri has also been chosen to guest blog later in the month.

Come read about how stoopid I was about diabetes. Well, stupid is a strong word, but I was very ignorant of the ways of diabetes before Brendon was diagnosed.


  • Yea Shannon! That was a great article. Thanks for pointing us to it.

    By Blogger Vivian, at 11/05/2007 12:28 PM  

  • Great article, Shannon.

    By Blogger Penny, at 11/05/2007 1:38 PM  

  • I don't think "stupid" has anything to do with it. Until Daniel was diagnosed, I was just unaware. As most of the population is. As you were before Brendan's dx. Daniel was intensely thirsty & peeing all the time and I had NO IDEA. *sigh*

    Great article, thanks for writing!!!

    By Blogger Naomi, at 11/05/2007 1:44 PM  

  • Great article Shannon! Congrats :) I agree about the stupid aspect. You feel "stupid" after, but it's not stupidness per se, it's more about unawareness. I had no clue either. For myself, I just kept saying my head was up my ass. One finger poke swiftly brought it out.

    Good work!

    By Blogger Jamie, at 11/05/2007 2:28 PM  

  • Yay! Hooray to you! Awesome article!

    Many people are ignorant about diabetes. It's totally normal. Don't ask me about half the disease out there b/c I will know precious little. I guess with diabetes everyone knows someone with it (usually type 2) so it gets a lot of misconceptions thrown around.

    By Blogger Amylia, at 11/06/2007 2:23 AM  

  • "We make people aware of diabetes by not hiding it."

    When we aren't afraid to hide something, I think it makes it easier for people to accept us for who we are.

    If it's a part of who someone is and is important to them, there's no reason why others should be completely unaware of it.

    Great article Shannon.

    for some reason I thought I already had you on my blog roll, but I just found out I forgot to add you!

    I did, however, link to your blog as a resource blog for parents of children with diabetes.

    By Anonymous albert, at 11/06/2007 3:22 PM  

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