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Saturday, December 22, 2007

List Of Things To Do By Christmas Day

Mind you, we will be home by ourselves with us visiting no one and no one visiting us for the entire weekend and Christmas holidays:

  1. Bring Jessica to gymnastics.
  2. Send out one more Christmas card.
  3. Get my hair cut and colored.
  4. Finish buying gifts.
  5. Wrap gifts.
  6. Make cookie dough
  7. Check Brendon
  8. Make gingerbread men for Santa.
  9. Check Brendon
  10. Buy groceries for Christmas Eve dinner.
  11. Make Christmas Eve dinner.
  12. Check and bolus Brendon
  13. Track Santa.
  14. Convince Jessica that Santa does exist.
  15. Track Santa.
  16. Leave cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.
  17. Track Santa.
  18. Break up fight between Jessica and Brendon about Santa existing (Bren still believes).
  19. Track Santa.
  20. Look out for Rudolph (you can see a red flashing light on the horizon of the mountains near our's a radio tower)
  21. Tuck kids into bed (hopefully by 6:30 p.m. like last year) after they spot Rudolph.
  22. Check Brendon
  23. Wait until kids are sound asleep.
  24. Hope that Jacob doesn't wake up and look for us as he does every night.
  25. Put gifts under tree.
  26. Check Brendon.
  27. Go to bed.
  28. Christmas Day.
  29. Be lazy
  30. Watch kids play with toys
  31. Order Chinese takeout for dinner

Christmastime advice:

Do not do this at home. Not safe:

Have a Merry Christmas :)