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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Day...Another Thing Learned

I swiped this from Jamie's blog.

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday. Don't include the year. Record three events, three births and three deaths that happened on the day you were born.

Three Events:

1962 - For the first time in 400 years Neptune and Pluto align.

1870 - It is revealed that the famed Cardiff Giant was just carved gypsum and not the petrified remains of a human.

1887 - In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania the first Groundhog Day is observed.

Three Births:

1923 - Liz Smith, American gossip columnist

1977 - Shakira, Colombian singer

1954 - Christie Brinkley, American model

Three Deaths:

1979 - Sid Vicious, English musician (Sex Pistols) (b. 1957)

1996 - Gene Kelly, American dancer, actor, and director (b. 1912)

1969 - Boris Karloff, English actor (b. 1887)

I thought it was pretty cool that Shakira and I have the same birthdate. And who woulda thunk that the Cardiff Giant was carved gypsum rather than petrified human remains. I learn something new every day!


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