Mom Wants A Diabetes Cure

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anyone Know Why the Cozmo Pump is Discontinued?

We got a letter in the mail saying Smiths Medical isn't providing the Cozmo pump for direct sale anymore. But, they're honoring the warranty for all old and new customers. We have 4 years left on ours, but it sucks that now we'll have to switch after that time.

Has anyone heard about why they've discontinued the Cozmo?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gettin' The Itch.....

My poor neglected blog needs some TLC. So here's some cow bell to get it revved up again:

This morning I was awakened to three little munchkins jib jabbering about the leprechaun coming.

"Let’s see if the Leprechaun came."

"The Leprechaun came!!! WOOHOOOOO!!"

"He left us chocolates!"

"The Leprechaun took the money!"

Background story:

Yesterday, Jacob told me that he and his class built a leprechaun trap to leave in class and that maybe he’d leave them gold coins and candy. He was mostly hoping that the trap would capture the leprechaun himself. He’s been working on earning a pet and a leprechaun would be the best pet ever!!

But Jakey got greedy and wanted to build a trap at home too. I didn’t think of the ramifications at the time.

Later that night while I was cooking dinner, he and Jessica constructed a trap made of a cardboard box and some green cellophane wrapping paper.

"Leprechauns LOVE green!"

They wrapped the box inside and out using a whole damned bottle of Elmer’s glue!

Then they set the trap by propping the box up with a green notebook and a gold basketball trophy.

The kids all went to bed and now it was time for the leprechaun to come and trick ‘em!

The leprechaun couldn’t leave candy because there was no junk food to leave. Grrrrrr…..

No Sakajawea coins were laying around. So no gold leave. Grrrr……

ROCKS! Leprechaun will leave them rocks as a trick for trying to trap him.

But all the mangy rocks in the house that were collected by the kids were tossed out. Grrrrr…..

Aha! Chocolates!

So I asked Jeff where he hid my chocolates that he bought me for my birthday and that are offlimits because of all the working out I'm doing. He said they were on his shelf in the closet.

"You’re kidding me! I looked for them there one day and never found them." Grrrr……

He said they were hidden in a shoebox on his shelf.

I got them down and put a few under the box, took the sh*tload of coins the kids left and called it a night.